Museum logo take a trip to the edge of spac

The Jefferson Space Museum logo takes a trip to the edge of space! A few weeks back, we blogged about JP Aerospace and their wonderful program of pong-sat student space experiments using high altitude balloons. We decided to support their noble effort, and sponsor a mission, sending the JSM logo up to the edges of the atmosphere -- and below you can see some of the pictures from the mission, which took place at the end of March. We love the first picture -- if you look closely, you can see the moon out to the far left, deep in space. These are the initial pictures we have received back from JP Aerospace. Many more are on their way. We hope you enjoy -- and if you ever want to do something special with your company logo, or a special message -- why not help out a great cause and sponsor a pong-sat mission today?

The JSM logo on its trip to the edge of space -- with the moon out in the distance!

Astronaut Tom gets some of his first looks out toward the curve of the earth, high above the clouds.

Ground Control to Major Tom.... :)

All good things must come to an end: the balloon pops, and Tom is set to come back to Earth.

Moments before landing!