1963 Series $2 bill flown on GT-4

On June 3, 1965, this 1963 Jefferson, with the serial number A07690488A, lifted off with the crew of Jim McDivitt and Ed White on the second manned Gemini flight. This historic flight witnessed America's first space walk by White -- making this bill (and the other three aboard the flight) the first to be exposed to the pure vacuum of space upon the opening of the Gemini capsule for the 22 minute EVA. In all, this bill made 62 orbits and travled 1,728,486 miles before returning to Earth June 7, 1965, after more than 4 days in space. This bill remained a part of astronaut McDivitt's private collection until it was acquired by me in early 2008. Astronaut McDivitt has hand signed and flight certified this bill in his signature green ink.