Joe Trammel - The Man Responsible for This Flown Jefferson

Joe Trammel worked for McDonnel Aircraft on the Mercury spacecraft, and his signature is on this particular flown $2 bill. As it happens, Joe is the one responsible for the flying of this particular Jefferson aboard Friendship 7. The video below is from KETC, LIVING ST. LOUIS Producer Jim Kirchherr, who attended a reunion of the McDonnel Aircraft crew that built the Mercury Capsule. The reunion has been organized by the wife of Joe Trammel because he is in the early stages of Alzheimer's and planned the reunion to see his old teammates and look back on the times they spent together. This video is one of the most moving explorations of these critical ground support personnel....and it also tells the story, right in the middle of it, of the flown currency on John Glenn's historic flight, and Joe's role in cataloging them. An amazing, and moving tribute!