Gene Cernan Full Interview: His Flown $2 Bill (7 minutes, 29 seconds)

In 2010, I was lucky enough to spend some time with Capt. Eugene "Gene" Cernan filming a personal interview about his space flown mementos, especially his three-time flown $2 bill, which I had recently acquired. This video is a tremendous insight into why he flew this particular bill, what it mean to him and his father, and the circumstances around the mementos he flew as the last man to walk on the moon. 

At the 80th birthday celebration for Gen. Tom Stafford in Weatherford Oklahoma, Gene Cernan was kind enough to grant me time between events to film an interview with him discussing items he flew with on his missions, especially the $2 bill from his father that he flew on all three of his missions, which I had acquired from him. It's a very personal, and insightful discussion on the meaning behind some of the personal mementos he took with to the moon and back. The interview took place at The Fairfield Inn and Suites on September 18, 2010. Present were Gene Cernan, Richard Jurek, and Larry McGlynn.